Alain, Logistics Officer in Gabon, conductor of client satisfaction!

Alain, Logistics Officer in Gabon, conductor of client satisfaction!

Since 2017, Alain works at IOTA Gabon as a logistics officer. On a daily basis, he practices his job with punctuality, speed and efficiency, with the aim to always satisfy the customers and consultants. Discover his interview:

Tell us about your career path?

Holder of a University Degree, DEUG, in philosophy, I started my career as  a Shipping Agent for a company specializing in maritime services for ten years. Thereafter, I worked as a flight coordinator for the Gabonese company in charge of National Protection for five years.
Since July 2017, I joined IOTA Gabon because I wanted to evolve in a human-sized company with an international dimension.

What does your job at IOTA Group entail?

My current position is mainly to deal with international and national arrivals, clients and consultants working with IOTA Group.
My job is to cover the costs of VISA and other airport assistance at Libreville International Airport.
My work serves the best interests of the company when we respond with quality the services we offered to our clients. That is: punctuality, speed and efficiency.
Our action generates the satisfaction of our clients, who in return communicate positively about our services. In conclusion, we are the showcase of IOTA Group in Gabon.

Why did you choose to join IOTA Group?

The particularity of IOTA Gabon is the perpetual novelty, the ability to always look for the best in us by training and learning new technologies! It’s a daily stimulation, and that’s what I really like about this business.
In this structure, we also have the assurance of a true meritocratic system. We can really climb the ladder. A career plan exists for every employee, and it is concrete! There are opportunities to finish at the top of the hierarchy.
This work is important to me as it allows me to constantly challenge myself, to improve myself and to be always alert.
In this job, the more one is vigilant the more one is successful!
There are also human encounters that lead to imperishable bonds. Managers who inspire you to go to new horizons, because the only thing that does not change is change!

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