Focus on our “Talent Resourcing Solution” !

Focus on our “Talent Resourcing Solution” !

Talent Resourcing
 is the first of our 6 services *.

Talent Resourcing is a ‘cut-to-sale’ solution leveraging all its core internal assets.
In a nutshell, when a team / project requires a specific technical input for a fixed duration and within a tight budget, IOTA Group will design a solution embracing those aspects and featuring the relevant expertise picked from its own specialists’ network.
The right industry professional, in the right place, at the right time and for the right duration: This is the goal set by IOTA Group’s Talent Resourcing Teams.


  1. Screening & Analysis: after a careful review of a customer’s requirements, IOTA group shortlists the best available experts from its own network.
  2. Background Check: when a first shortlist is established, IOTA Group carries cross-referencing process focusing on the candidates’ work records.
  3. HSE Clereance: prior to any mobilization IOTA Group ensures each potential candidate meets the HSE requirements set by an internal policy and abiding by its customers’ HSE requirements.
  4. Feedback: IOTA group values its customers’ experience and will frequently seek for feedback to ensure that its expectations are met and exceeded and improved when and where necessary.

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*Our other flagship activities are Global Mobility,  Gateway Services,  Recruitment SolutionTraining,and Expert Consulting.