In partnership with Geneva Earth Resources, IOTA Group is positioning itself on the geosciences market!

In partnership with Geneva Earth Resources, IOTA Group is positioning itself on the geosciences market!

We are very proud to announce the signing of a partnership with Geneva Earth Resources, a new comer in the service world of Geosciences and Geo-energy!

Geneva Earth Resources (GER) is a Geneva-based company created by internationally recognized experts in the Energy sector. GER offers a catalogue of subsurface integrated services in support of Exploration and Production.

These services meet the requirements and challenges of geo-energy projects ranging from Hydrocarbons, Geothermal, underground storage of gas, carbon dioxide and nuclear waste.

This synergy allows us to intervene throughout the life-cycle of geo-energy projects starting from Subsurface Data assessment and evaluation to resource production plans.

Thierry CUSIN, CEO IOTA Group and Jérôme CAUDROIT, Director & Senior Reservoir Geologist GER.

For Jérôme Caudroit, Co-Founder, Director and Senior Reservoir Geologist at GER:

« This partnership is opening a wealth of opportunities where GER’s expertise will complement IOTA’s consolidated position in the geo-energy sector by coupling a well-established experience in hydrocarbon E&P project management and value creation, to novel and much needed mastering of sustainable energy projects such as geothermal and geological CO2 storage »

For Arnaud Lebrun, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation at IOTA Group: « 

This collaboration strengthens our position in high added value services and allows us to intervene on the entire value chain in the energy fields. The geothermal energy component positions us to take up the challenge of green energy».

This cooperation between GER and IOTA Group connects the world of the subsurface study to the surface world and allows us to propose a wide range of integrated services to the actors of the Geo-energy sector.

The words play, seismic, reservoir characterization, static and dynamic modeling, well proposal, drilling, reservoir management and monitoring, are now part of our company.

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