International mobility: a major challenge for corporations

International mobility: a major challenge for corporations

International mobility has become a major challenge for companies seeking global expansion. Companies, that manage successfuly their employees international mobility can benefit from several advantages, such as ; a better understanding of international cultures, markets, greater flexibility in human resources and increased productivity.

International mobility requires a good understanding of remuneration conditions ; (salary & tax), legal aspects (employment contracts, entry visas, immigration, work permits,…) and employee’s protection while abroad (physical security, social and medical protection).

What are the benefits for companies, that decide to expatriate their workforce?

When a company decides to expand its operations abroad, it can access new markets and meet the needs of customers in different countries. This can provides significant growth opportunities and diversify on the company’s revenue stream. Furthermore, by expanding into new countries, the company can benefit from the dynamics economics growth of those markets, which can help strengthen its position on theinternational market scale.

What are the challenges for companies that choose to expand their business abroad?

Despite all these advantages, international mobility can also be seen as challenges for companies. Expatriate employees may face difficulties adapting to a new cultural linguistic and social environment, as well as obstacles related to managing the distance from home. Companies must therefore put in place effective international mobility policies to overcome these challenges.

Firms are therefore responsible for providing adequate support to foreign employees, including logistical aspects such as ; housing, travel, health and security. They are also required to provide administratives assistance on issues regarding tax, visas, work permits, and to provide appropriate training to help them better understand the customs and the distinct Business practices of the host country.

Companies must therefore put in place effective international mobility policies to overcome these challenges.

In conclusion, companies, that successfully manage the worldwide mobility of their employees can reap many benefits, however they must also overcome the challenges associated with the opportunity. By implementing effective international mobility policies and receiving the right support, they can improve their ability to operate on a global scale and achieve their objectives growth.

International mobility support for companies:v

In order to meet these challenges, IOTA Group supports you in your development and throughout the entire process of your employees expatriation, credit to our network of facilities in 80 countries worldwide. Our teams of experts can assist you in the following features:

  • Contractual and fiscal management in accordance with local regulations and compliance guidelines
  • Immigration management ( Visa, work permit, residence permit,…)
  • International and national logistics (Airplane, train, rental car, accommodation,…)
  • Relocation services (assistance in settling in the country)
  • Security and protection of expatriates

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