Since 2020, IOTA Group has implemented a training program called “IOTA ACADEMY”, in order to recruit and train its future Business Development Managers.

A 100% operational program, that is designed, by our employees, experts in their fields, aims to train sales techniques, and the proficiency of the different service lines IOTA Group has to offer.

Every year, a large recruitment process is organised, in order to ensure a team synergy, and select the best candidates.

Starting from sales prospecting techniques, to customer loyalty, including knowledge of contractual schemes to establish contact, stimulate attention, convince, and propose the best solutions to our clientele; the training is tailored to be executive, and structured, in order to optimise the expertise of all candidates.

Due to its success in Europe, IOTA Group has decided to launches the first edition of IOTA ACADEMY AFRICA !

This great initiative is part of the IOTA Group’s development strategy in Africa.

This year 2023, the IOTA ACADEMY will be taking place in Dakar (Senegal), and the goal is to train our latest talents, who will then develop our activities of providing services within the following countries : Guinea Conakry, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Senegal.

At the end of the training, our 6 new colleagues, that are trained, and equipped with the DNA of IOTA Group, will then start in their respective assigned locations.

They will then be able to put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired during the training sessions, and put it into real practice.

They will also continue to benefit from the guidance of our Regional Directors, the Directors of subsidiaries and the support of all IOTA Group employees.

On behalf of the IOTA Group, we wish them the best of luck, during the IOTA Academy Africa training and a full success within organisation !